Why is FE 70-200 bigger and heavier than Canon's

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Re: Why is FE 70-200 bigger and heavier than Canon's

Erik Magnuson wrote:

hellocrowley wrote:

I had high hopes for the FE system, was thinking that I'd eventually switch from Fuji, but it seems the size and weight advantage are not there?

Filter Thread 72 mm
Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 3.15 x 6.89" (80 x 175 mm)
Weight 29.63 oz (840 g)

Canon 70-200/4 IS:
Filter Thread Front:67 mm
Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 3.0 x 6.8" (7.62 x 17.27 cm)
Weight 1.67 lb (760 g)

Nikon 70-200/4 IS:
Filter: 67mm
Dimensions: 3.07 x 7.05 (78x179mm)
Weight: 1.87 lb (850g)

Pentax 60-250mm f/4
Filter: 67mm
Dimensions: 3.23x6.61" (82x168mm)
Weight: 2.29lb (1040g)

And to really drive the point home, the Pentax is for APS/C.

Basically 20 elements in a metal tube are gonna be about the same weight and size particularly with up to 200mm f/4 constant. (The Sony actually has 21 elements. Pentax has only 15 but no OSS) If you include the 26mm of mount registration difference, the Sony is a little shorter so it's not just an SLR lens with extra tube length.

Since we're counting oz.'s, I wonder what the Sony weighs without the tripod collar - a collar which doesn't come on the Canon as far as I know.

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