dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

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Re: dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

1. Neat work. Thanks for the post.

2. Heat sink makes sense.

3. Yes, might as well extend the grip into a proper pistol grip.

4. My original thought was move the lens and sensor more centered for right-left eye, right-left hand.

5. Otherwise, use that extra real estate for something worthwhile. An integral EVF; a true 16:9 sensor and LCD (SigmaPan); model with even wider lens as compactness isn't goal;  DUAL SD CARD SLOTS!!!!!!; or make it swivel like the Coolpix 990/995. Still an extremely useful design.   Since Sigma can't do a tilting, moveable LCD, have the lens swivel. Then, it would be useful.

6. Almost seems like the camera should come apart in modules and accommodate modules. How about remote control/WiFi modules. Ricoh still more imaginative. Styling is nothing special. Using the same materials, buttons, dials, doors, etc. all modern cameras do. Comes closest in my experience to the first successful Coolpix, the 900, or the Alpa late film era modular medium format camera.

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