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Re: megapixels vs. resolution

Beat Traveller wrote:

nixda wrote:

Beat Traveller wrote:

nixda wrote:

A 5MP image can only be at most 8x6" to match the 325-DPI resolution of a retina display. That's not really 'cutting' it, IMO. I am talking about sizes like 20x30" and larger. Something that really makes an impression.

Cool, but explain to me what the advantage of viewing a 20X30 image on a retina display is, as opposed to a more typical display?

(BTW, we've both been referring to the resolution of the screen as 'DPI' instead of PPI... oops).

I am talking about prints, not on-screen viewing, that's why I have been using DPI.

Specifically, it was the following scenario I had in mind and that I laid out a bit earlier:

nixda wrote:

If you take a look at the latest retina display devices, you'll have your reason. What I envision is a large print of a scene that looks stunning from a distance, and then when you get closer and closer you see more and more details until you're right up there. 330dpi, and higher, if closer than 10 inches viewing distances are desired, or cropping should still be possible. It is absolutely fantastic to look at a picture of, say, the Grand Canyon like this.

I have a couple of large panoramas with 300dpi resolution. They are great to look at, and they could be printed with even higher resolution. When pressing one's nose against a picture like that and moving around in it, seeing ever more detail, it feels like being immersed in the scene. Unfortunately, I haven't found an (affordable) option yet to print at higher resolutions

Right, so is viewing them on a retina display the temporary solution?

I never said that images should be viewed on a Retina display. Only that the Retina displays show how magnificent images can look at very high resolution, and I derived from that that when printed with matching resolutions, they would be stunning.

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