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Re: re: the APS-C has one very important, distinc advantage over FF...

I'm ignorant on the maths involved but with going to 24MP from 16MP (N5/6 -> A6000) what FL do i kinda achieve if i crop the 24MP to 16MP?
 Is it as simple as a 50mm becoming a 75mm?

parallaxproblem wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

...which somehow got and still gets overlooked by most (perhaps due to a very poor AF so far - till yesterday, and even that is till in a need of a very good body of actual experiences; the gross majority of Nex'en users were recruited from the ranks of UWA/WA and normal FL ranges) - namely the reach advantage:

  • to have the same reach as e.g. 400mm (and about 1-1.2 kilo weight) on APS-C;
  • one would need a 600mm and 3 kilo (or more) monster on FF;

so, NO... FF A6 will never be the same as N7 mk-II - not for a pretty substantial number of prospective users Which of course are already craving the same excellent level of external controls and UI as they got on N7-classic.


Totally agree, but I wonder if Sony are trying to sell us the A79 for that purpose, as currently there are no E-mount lenses that take much advantage of the extra APS-C reach, and the E->A-mount adaptors probably won't support the new speedy PDAF on the A6000

There is talk of very high MP FF sensors in the works (54MP?) which in theory would offer the same crop potential as a 24MP APS-C sensor, though at a price!

I don't want to see APS-C replaced by FF as I appreciate the smaller and cheaper lenses (and if feels 'wasteful' using them on an FF body in 'crop' mode) and the (currently) smaller (un-humped), and cheaper bodies. I'm just trying to interpret what I see from Sony, though of course I could be wrong

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