The more you know (about great photography) the less pictures you take?

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I haven't seen it

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Photography is a lot like music. The more you know about it the less of it you enjoy.

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I believe the complete opposite about both. What a dreary, jaded outlook.

It is not an outlook, it is a fact of life.

Maybe it's a fact of your life, not of mine.

The problem here is that pavi1 did not take the time to outline the foundation of his statement. In fact he is generally right with regard to most people if not you in particular.

Truth - The greater one becomes aware of the mechanics the more distant they become to the magic.

This is true whether you are an editor, musician, or visual artist.

If this is not a concept that you have been exposed to before it is worth reading about as it can impact your artistic endeavors.

happen to me. On the contrary, I tend to get down when I don't get the technical part easily and when I do get it I get so happy because then I have a new tool in my toolbox to realize my artistic vision. I don't think I could ever get bored if I had all the knowledge in the world and could always take the technically best possible photograph and always find a way to create my artistic vision exactly. Isn't that wonderful? Part of creativity is being creative with the technical part, it's so much fun making great photos with cardboard, duct tape, white paper, photographic frames, the glass that comes with those, mirrors, and so on. It challenges you to be creative as well. But it doesn't stop being fun after you learn it thoroughly, even if you can always do it perfectly it still leaves an infinite amount of ways to combine the techniques. Even if you master everything you can do with 3 speedlights and sheets of paper and duct tape and tin foil, there's still a million ways to combine them. Different colored papers, speedlights bounced from walls, ceilings, disco balls, shot through umbrellas, parasols, tablecloths, drinks, jello, aquarium, fountains, curtains... You get the idea.

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