Olympus faux-technical sounding names

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Art_P wrote:

Aethon wrote:

Two problems. One: the main point of differentiation that you offer is not exactly dispository. OM-D has a viewfinder whereas PEN...may or may not, it depends... That's as clear as mud.

No PEN has a VF, NONE. You can add a detachable VF, but it's not part of the body.

Second, nowhere does anyone explain what all the letters mean. I bought into Olympus m43 two years ago and your differentiation between OM-D and PEN lines is the first I have heard of it - I've never understood the difference.

PEN: styled on the old Olympus Pen line of film cameras,

which all had viewfinders of course. 

OM-D: styled on the OM line of film cameras, D signifying digital.

e-Mx: the M might stand for Micro, or hark back to the original Olympus SLR (named the M-1 until they got sued and changed it to OM) but probably Mirrorless

Nobody got sued for naming the camera M-1.

Olympus weren't even threatened with a lawsuit over that name.

When Olympus launched the M-1, at Photokina the guys at Leica objected to them using the nomenclature and possibly confusing the market.  Olympus, of their own volition, decided to add the O to become the OM-1, for Olympus Maitani 1.

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