On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

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SirPalomid wrote:

Not sure what you have seen but you are pretty lonely in your observation, as there are numerous proofs like the one I showed on the net, so chances are maybe you did something wrong while having the cameras.

There is a difference, I didn't say there is not - but not 1 stop diff.

Make this test with native NEX lens and not "something wrong with EXIF because lens is not native".

I not shooting with 6400 ISO, but until ISO 3200 there is 1/3 stop difference between Sony and Fuji, not 1 stop. In any case with the same lightning conditions and exposure Fuji's shots looks more pleasant because of different noise-pattern and almost complete absence of color-noise.

Up to ISO 800 the are on pair with Sony, then Fuji starts to gain slight advantage.

I just presented you with proof and there are more examples. I haven't seen any proof from your end. What you just saw was 1 full stop, not 1/3 of a stop. That is all what I can say. If you have "observed" something else that is fine.

There is no reason why you should not love your Fuji, as the X cameras are nice and well suited for enthusiasts, but functionally they are not superior to their Sony counterparts. The Fuji APS-C roughly match the Sony ditto. Then you can say whatever you like the built-in colour filters, prefer the noise grain or like the gimmicky shutter dial, but that is all subjective.

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