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Re: You are comparing bodies only.....

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Nice try Henry...when they get PDAF that works indoors in low light they'll be close to fast AF...but this one will be like the Nex-6 slower than Nex-7 and RX1 indoors room lighting...24mp Nex-7 is not that great in low light to be honest...

Nice camera, but no where near the handling of an EM1 and no where near the AF lens selection...and of course the AF Speed will have to be proven in reality...hopefully it's better than the A7r and LA-EA4 adapter...

A6000 = meh....mostly boring made over Nex...

A7 or A7R with same feature set as A6000 = Winner for Sony!

Oh I don't know. My better Olympus is an E-PM1 and with CDAF it is very fast in daylight. But although it wants to be fast at night or indoors, it simply runs out of ISO.

My 5R is superior to the E-PM1 in low light AF speed, although still no great shakes. A 16 mp Olympus like the E-M1/ E-M10 might come close, but not close to the A6000.

Dear, E-PM1 is a very old tech, fast AF in m43 world really started with GH2 camera... did you read that Sony itself acknowledged that their AF in A6000 is nowhere near Nikon 1 and m43 ? reread from the official press release = "Amongst interchangeable-lens digital cameras equipped with an ____APS-C___ image sensor as of February 12, 2014. Determined with internal measurement method with E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens mounted, Pre-AF off and viewfinder in use." ... as for low light - m43 cameras now focus @ -4EV (or EV-4, if you prever this notation)

I disagree. Fast AF in M43 (daylight) started with the E-PM1- E-PL3.

no, the first camera was GH2 where for the first time CDAF was feeded @ 120 readouts per second... at that moment Olympus had (for whatever reason) only 12mp sensors from Panasonic and they (sensor) were not capable to feed CDAF @ that speed... then Panasonic moved to 240 readouts per second supported by Sony Semi m43 sensor GH3 and now to 480 readouts per second supported by Panasonic sensor in GH4 and they focus faster w/o any PDAF on sensor... Olympus now is using at least 240 (E-M1 has the same sensor as GH4 from Panasonic and the rest are using Sony Semi sensor).

and that's what I've got.

that's exactly why you don't understand what fast AF is (am I saying as a owner, past and present, of GH2, GH3 and EM1)

No I did not read "Sony itself acknowledged that their AF in A6000 is nowhere near Nikon 1 and m43 ?" Please post the link for that.

at the bottom of Sony's own press release posted @ dpreview - and that's the point of fine print exactly

then scroll down to a text in green... are you so naive as not to read fine print ? the same goes for Fuji X-T1... same wording about fastest AF only in for cameras with APS-C or bigger in their press release... everybody knows why - because N1 and m43 are beyong reach for both Sony and Fuji...

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