What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Michael Meissner
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It isn't for me

Cychen wrote:

It's definitely a winner for most people who wants a versatile and portable camera IMHO.

Given its focal length, wide aperture and sensor size, it's almost like a 12-60mm attached to a 43 camera. For sure the lens can't be changed but it pretty much covered most people's needs (esp. for vacation.)

If only if can indeed focus fast and has an above average optical quality....

I just bought a Stylus1 and I'm awaiting delivery (though every so often, I think about changing it to the EM-10).

For me the Stylus1 is a better option for a vacation camera.  Note I long ago passed the threshold of having more than 1 camera, so each camera in the stable has a main job that it is the preferred solution for.  Yes, if I only had one camera, it might be a different set of conclusions (though an all in one camera like the Stylus1 is perhaps better in the mono-camera environment).

  • Having the electronic viewfinder be optional adds to the cost, and makes it less pocketable.  For me, the electronic viewfinder was very important, particularly since it is usable in bright sun with polarized sunglasses.
  • If you need to use an external flash, you can't use the electronic viewfinder at the same time, which is a problem that most of the Pen's have.
  • I find in practice, that 100mm or so isn't quite as much zoom as I would like, and the Stylus1's 300mm will give me more range.  For vacation cameras, I am tired of lugging two cameras, one with a wide angle lens, and the other with a telephoto around.
  • I do wish the Stylus went down to 24mm equivalent field of view.
  • I would imagine the Canon will be much better IQ at higher ISO's than the Stylus due to the sensor size, and the late model Pen's will be even better.  But for the purpose of a vacation camera, the Stylus1 is good enough.  If necessary, the Stylus1 can do RAW, so that I can handle the noise in post processing.  I have the E-PM2 and E-5 for the higher ISO shots.
  • The fact that the Stylus1 takes the Olympus BLS-5 battery that my E-PM2 takes is icing on the cake, since I'm tired of having different batteries and chargers for each camera (it was one of the reasons I did not go for the SH-100).
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