Olympus faux-technical sounding names

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Re: I never said that

Impulses wrote:

Art_P wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

"E-" never meant Electronic, it is just a camera series prefix, just like they originally had C- and D- cameras and the E- series are the system cameras.

Regards..... Guy

That was Nippero

However, for a time E did stand for Evolt... or was it that Evolt stood for E

Nope, that was Jim. I view the forums using the "flat view" and just reply at the end. (since thats how nearly every other forum on the internet works)

The fact that DPR overhauled the forums and kept this multi-threaded nonsense is more confounding than any naming scheme... I imagine most just use flat view and quote a lot, no? If you don't quote regularly it makes a mess for those poor souls not using flat view... Dunno why you'd go threaded tho, such a hassle to navigate, even worse on mobile.

Haha agreed. The threads thing gets annoying because people tend to bring up the same points in different "threads." But then multi-quoting people in flat view doesnt work because... well theres no multi-quote function here.

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