uh oh, no A7000...?

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no APS-C A7000 with TriNavi in 2104 means ... ?

That's his quote: "no APS-C A7000 with TriNavi in 2104"

So will there be one in 2015 ? Or will there be one without TriNavi ? Or will there be an A8000 ?

And of course, this is coming from a rumor site with a very spotty track record, particularly when predicting far off things.

The A7 is close to $2K. I can't believe a company that got into ILCs (when it first planned to make Maxxum mount DSLRs then bought the division from Konica Minolta) to have a product line with higher profit margins than digicams would be content NOT offering an APS-C camera priced higher than $650. Not when they offer a variety of APS-C only lenses that sell for $1000. When they introduced the NEX-7, the problem was that there were no good lenses for it (other than the CZ24). Now they'd face the opposite problem - nobody would want to buy into the system looking to put together a high end kit.

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