EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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Re: EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I don't know what commercial arrangements there are between Sony/Olympus/Panasonic in regard to the decision in the use of sensors in Olympus cameras. It should be clear there was a problem in the past with getting the best sensor from Panasonic for Olympus cameras. So, this surprising turn of event is a good sign, as it shows more flexibility for Olympus to get what sensors it need or can afford, but not everything is looking good.

What is of concern is the fact that IQ of M43 cameras has not moved at all since the first OMD E-M5 camera was released. That camera uses a Sony sensor. It has been 1.5 years at least and so something is not going well, as technology should have delivered at least some improvement however small.

No it should not. You cannot expect sensor technology of a single manufacturer advancing every 2 years. Chip production lines are too expensive. They can increase pixel count, but you'll get higher per-pixel noise and lower frame rates and worse rolling shutter in electronic shutter applications, including video.

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