The Quattro is Ugly

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Re: I actually think the design is visually very good

Raist3d wrote:

my concern is usability and size. The usability i will have to play with one. The size applying specifically to me for street life work.

The usability will be limited by the lack of a hinge on the LCD.

I don't see the size being a major issue for a landscape or portrait photographer.

Although I have to hold it and even walk around with one to see how this feels- strangely enough because it's all black without major marks in the front, I get the impression it will not draw on the streets as much attention from people as I would have first thought- but I will only know when I hold one.

This to me is key because I do not want to draw attention for street work.

This is where the waist-level viewing of a hinged LCD helps.

All that said, I really think the design visually is pretty interesting and in person as it will be "smaller than what it seems in these shots" it will have a certain aspect of cool.

I like the design visually because it does not look to me gimmicky or cheesy. It looks like mixing style with some future while keeping a certain respect to "camera tool." I like that.

I think it looks OK, but nothing special. It doesn't have the class of the best Leicas.

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