uh oh, no A7000...?

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re: the APS-C has one very important, distinc advantage over FF...

...which somehow got and still gets overlooked by most (perhaps due to a very poor AF so far - till yesterday, and even that is till in a need of a very good body of actual experiences; the gross majority of Nex'en users were recruited from the ranks of UWA/WA and normal FL ranges) - namely the reach advantage:

  • to have the same reach as e.g. 400mm (and about 1-1.2 kilo weight) on APS-C;
  • one would need a 600mm and 3 kilo (or more) monster on FF;

so, NO... FF A6 will never be the same as N7 mk-II - not for a pretty substantial number of prospective users Which of course are already craving the same excellent level of external controls and UI as they got on N7-classic.


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