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Re: You are comparing bodies only.....

blue_skies wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Nice try Henry...when they get PDAF that works indoors in low light they'll be close to fast AF...but this one will be like the Nex-6 slower than Nex-7 and RX1 indoors room lighting...24mp Nex-7 is not that great in low light to be honest...

Nice camera, but no where near the handling of an EM1 and no where near the AF lens selection...and of course the AF Speed will have to be proven in reality...hopefully it's better than the A7r and LA-EA4 adapter...

A6000 = meh....mostly boring made over Nex...

A7 or A7R with same feature set as A6000 = Winner for Sony!

Good to see you warming up to Sony again, Cole

As I said elsewhere, Sony claiming #1 sets up all reviewers - it is a bold claim. How it compares in practice is to be seen, but I expect that reviewers have to evaluate the claim, and agree if true.

I think that Sony is becoming a different company. The A7r, the FE lens lineup, the RX10, the earlier RX1/R and RX100-II have all become #1 in their category. If Sony has changed from #1 leading innovator company to #1 product company, we can be in for quite a few more pleasant surprises.

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in more than one arena. All this commotion about 'can they be active on so many fronts' should stop now. Their answer obviously is 'yes, we are big enough!'

My bet is on Sony delivering a lot more to us in the future. Fun times.

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If you are talking about A7000 then yes, the controls on the Nex-7 are missing on all of the other Nex cameras, and thats important...

A6000, it's a decent camera, but nothing I would replace any of my present cameras with...it would be interesting paired with 16-70 SEL f/4...Nex-7 does well with that lens...

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