uh oh, no A7000...?

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re: it is a pretty safe bet = there WILL BE N7 mk-II, and...

blue_skies wrote:


So we lost Mic input and AF/MF-lock controls?

This can't be real, can it?

...the only question mark is WHEN??

Even SAR says it openly: "I saw a couple of sites claiming the A6000 doesn’t replace the Nex7 and that there may be a new A7000 APS-C model in future with TriNavi. I can confirm via trusted sources that this isn’t true. There will be no A7000 APS-C(!) E-mount camera in 2014. I repeat it, no APS-C A7000 with TriNavi in 2104".

For sure a6k DOESN'T REPLACE the N7, too many reasons to list them here again. So I find it interesting to observe why Andrea of SAR is so adamantly set on repeating the Sony's mantra??

As it seems... they just try to repeat the same marketing trick they did on Oct 20th, 2013 simultaneously killing the Nex name, while releasing A7/A7r, casting a shadow of doubt on the  very continuity of Nex'en line, to milk the market with the FF craze.

Now it is to milk the APS-C market by cutting all promise of ever having a top-of-the-line, true APS-C flagship, but of course after the hype and buzz subsides, there will again be a need to release something new - a business as usual in the new season.

And yes, it won't be a huge surprise to see N7 mk-II already announced (to be delivered early in 2015) on Photokina in Cologne mid Sept. 2014


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