On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

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Astrophotographer 10 wrote:


As far as high ISO goes, in my case - which is not usual imaging, I often do 30 seconds ISO6400 at F2.8 for nightscapes. So high ISO performance for me is a critical performance measure, not downsampling - what comes out of the camera. I would not expect this 24mp camera to match XE1 or A7r in this regards. Nex 7 in the comparison tool on this site is very very noisy at ISO6400 in RAW. Fuji overstate their ISO's but even so it is very very clean at ISO6400. A7r is quite clean as well as was my Nikon D800e.

I think the reason DXOmark does not have Fuji cameras in its database is to do with the Xtrans and not because Fuji does not want it tested. They are no equipped to handle a different type of sensor.

I am looking forward to hearing more about A6000. I "need" to decide whether to upgrade my XE1 to an XT1 or is A6000 the better choice seeing also as I am accumulating FE lenses.


The Fuji overstates their ISO with one stop compared to Sony NEX. How can you then say Fuji is much cleaner at ISO 6400, when you should be comparing Fuji ISO 6400 to Sony NEX 3200. Suddenly the advantage is gone. There's proof on this scattered around on the internet. The shutter speed on the Fuji is always a stop slower then the Sony.

Fuji marketing is powerful

Fair enough however, if the Fuji does the job better for you when it comes to astrophotography, it is a very subjective thing. however I am pretty sure there are some out there who are also happy with their NEX'es. Even the old NEX-5 takes awesome astrophotos.

When that is said I do not see the purpose of having the Fuji if you have the A7R already, that camera cannot be touched IQ wise. The Fuji crowd cry about bad Sony lenses, not sure what lenses they are missing in the Sony range.

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