Should I exchange my new Lens - if it came in damaged box?

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Should I exchange my new Lens - if it came in damaged box?

Hi I have never posted but browse occasionally and wanted to get some personal suggestions/experience. If I should attempt an exchange of my new Lens - if it came in damaged box?

I recently made my first online purchase at  online photo retailer  (2 items packaged together) which is very reputable from my understanding.

Part of my order was a Nikon FT-1 Adapter it was perfect and very happy with it.

The other item was a Tokina Lens. That one came in a box that was surprisingly damaged in one corner. The lens seems to functional, I've only did preliminary tests will try more in the day time  tomorrow.

I'm concerned about any potential internal damage to the lens I may not be aware of as the exchange policy for damage is within 2 business days, and I will not be able to ship it out as I'm leaving on a trip after tomorrow so I would need to decide soon.  (I would be frustrated if I have to pay shipping costs - but I will verify if required)

It does not seem like it could have been damaged during transit as the the corner of the lens box seems to be damaged from a "Drop impact" -- within the shipping box I would have expected compression of the box instead rather than strong corner damage, inspection of the shipping box did not show signs of a high impact.

I have purchased from at amazon and adorama wiithout the level of  lens box damage. Since the other company I bought from ...I have heard good things about I am surprised the lens came this way so I thought I would ask opinions and thoughts. ...

I took several photos to get some opinions, to me it looks concerning because my initial reaction was surprise...s  it seems to be a heavy drop ?

Thank you for thoughts and suggestions. (Sorry if it seems to be a silly question - but it concerns me)

Side angle the damage from corner has warped the box

another angle of box

corner of the box

impact inside

the top half of the box inside - there is a black mark  I suspect is from the rubber rubbing against it from the hard fall.

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