What the imager has

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Re: What the imager has

Dogonit wrote:

I think the real question should be, "To what end?" Is this new sensor designed to better the current Foveon or to simply get closer to mainstream acceptance by reducing the drawbacks? It's unlikely they were able to achieve both by a good margin.

I think you are wrong. Or more precisely: I think you cannot even separate the two things. By reducing the drawbacks, you get a better sensor. To get a better Foveon, you got to reduce the drawbacks. But meaybe you mean a better Foveon is a Foveon with even better resolution? (With same flaws.)

Sigma has spent a lot of time in the labs; it's been a while since the last sensor, and this Q processor has likely been in the pipeline already then.

Of course it will be better than the M sensor/processor, otherwise Sigma would not have made it.

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