With the world’s fastest autofocus system (A6000)

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Re: re: few questions on practical aspects of the a6k

jpr2 wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

dpreview has their first look at the A6000 here.

the preliminary videos of a6k AF in action are pretty impressive:

  • so, the AF seems to work well on a6k+16-50PZ - but... WHICH other E-mount lenses (SEL, but also FF for FF) support the OSPDAF this fast in practice?
  • esp. in longer FLs range?
  • as demonstrated, this order of AF speed makes both LA-EA1/3 as well as LA-EA2/4 obsolete (the latter together with all the rest of the SLT technology) - will there be LA-EAx adapters opening/enabling the use of suitably fast A-mount lenses on the a6k and alike bodies?
  • how probable this might be, and if probable, then HOW SOON?
  • what is the buffer depth on a6k for RAW files (the specs do not list this info)?
  • how many such RAWs can be recorded at 11 fps before the buffer fills up, and there will be inevitable slow down??
  • can a6k hold at least 2-3 seconds worth of RAWs at 11fps?
  • are the a6k RAWs of approx. the same size as from N7 (which means with no lossy compression, like those from A7s cams)?
  • as there is no AEL/AFL - AF/MF switch on the back of a6k;
  • IS THERE any other way on N6 type bodies - to take-off AF from half-press of the shutter, and assign it to some other location at the back of a6k??

just some impromptu questions from a top of the head, but perhaps there are lots more of unknowns (easier to ask/answer by the current N6 owners, than for N7 ones = mine familiarity with N6 is rather limited at best)


Phew, I think anything at the moment would just be guesses until we see real life shooting in bright conditions.

The NEX-7 I can shoot at 10 FPS for only around 1.5 sec's with MF. There is a few cameras with higher specs than the A6000 for sure, but at a high cost as well. Steve shoots his Canon 1DX at 14 FPS all the time, that's how he shoots and thinks nothing of it. Just trying to remember how many he can take in a burst and if it actually does slow down I'm not sure if it AF tracks at that speed. I'll ask him next time I see him mate.

I'm surprised at those specs from the A6000, it is kind of remarkable for such a small camera taking fast bursts to keep AF tracking on a decent sized sensor.

All the best and I just hope all the claims are true.


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