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Why don't you show him what you can do with RPP?

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

I'm not really sure how to get the most out of raw so wondering if anyone has any pointers, particularly when compared to the OOC jpg from the X-E2.

Anyway, my query is how would you go about getting more out of such a shot using the raw file and information.

I would use DCRAW or/And RPP for the RAW File.

Here is an excerpt, quite easy to follow for a novice http://www.raw-photo-processor.com/RPP/Overview.html :

You may use RPP for these carefully chosen operations:

  1. •4-channel white balance - this is probably the most important operation in Raw processing and it has to be applied at very early stages. RPP supports various ways of working with white balance - automatic detection, “as shot” (taken from camera), custom white balance from neutral areas and color tone adjustments on “cold - warm” scale.
  2. •Linear and compressed exposure compensations - another very sensitive step, should use high precision math to preserve shadows and highlights and it is almost impossible to make it properly during post-processing in Photoshop. Compressed compensation allows to preserve highlights in more film-like style instead of clipping used in traditional linear exposure compensation.

He uses Capture One on a trial basis! Maybe helpful to read the OP title, before you come up with this "I would only read the bible in hebrew" ...

He says: (again in the title) Getting started ...

I have downloaded his file and will give it a try too, but not tonight too late, but there are already a fewacceptable conversions. How about this: Why don't you do a conversion and post it here? I work in IT so would be genuinely interested - as I am sure would be others.

What do you say??


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