On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

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Re: On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

Jabez02 wrote:

I'm not sure how much better a 32MP sensor will be in practice on a APS - C sized sensor. Not many lenses now in existence would cope well. There is a comment about the Nikon D5300 with its 24MP sensor and no AA filter to the effect that this is beyond the requirements of those buying such a camera, let alone their lenses.

I think it more important to fine tune the whole senor, AF, exposure package and the data pipeline. Of possible improvements for a more enthusiast / pro style camera, dual processors and pipe lines would be one way to push the hardware to its limits. You could also through the menu system enable the photographer to fine tune the EVF to whatever level of clarity or incomprehensibility they desire.

If you add in an A7 body, you may be pushing the price up substantially towards that of the A7 itself. However it would be marketed to a rather different type of photographer. And all the required components exist.

I fully agree -but I was arguing Danny's case.

Danny shoots with 500mm and 800mm lenses and then still crops his images heavily. His lenses can resolve very fine details (they are rather expensive). I am sure that they could handle a 32Mp sensor.

Even if the sensor outresolves the lens, it would still improve on his image.

As to other applications, yes, lenses will become a limiting factor - a reason to go to FF for higher resolutions. Or do multi-shot stitching.

But in Danny's case, he is shooting BIF, so no stitching is to be applied.

We didn't expect the 24Mp sensor, and Sony surprised us. We heard about 28Mp and 32Mp sensor being considered for the A7 as well, so we know that Sony likes to experiment. I would not be surprised if Sony would come out with a higher Mp sensor for the A7000. 28Mp will be a yawn, 36Mp will be too much D800/A7r like. So, I'd expect 32Mp as a target.

If physics disallow this, we will know soon. I have a feeling that Sony is further ahead in this game than we realize - the A7000 will be announced three (!) years after the Nex-7 was announced.

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