D800 AF-ON and AF-C

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Re: D800 AF-ON and AF-C

primeshooter wrote:

Martin Grecner wrote:

I never had problems with AF-S on D800 unless my subject was moving.

I do not know if D800 tries to implement predictive autofocus in AF-S mode like the D70 claimed to do, probably not, so be careful to avoid moving subjects with AF-S.


Fair enough but depends on your lens etc. The problem here is that several bodies I have tested I've seen this and other seasoned pros have noticed what I describe, as do many users here (many that know what they are talking about aswell). That even in AF-S mode with non movement targets - it's mince, especially in anything but broad daylight. *If you are using fast primes (f/1.4) in any sort of slight lowered contrast situation. The thing is you shouldn't need a damned zebra to focus in lower light with pdaf these days.

I have never tried f/1.4 lens yet. My fastest yet are 35mm f/1.8 G and 85mm f/1.8 D.

These work fine with AF-S on my D800 (well, at least not any worse than AF-C as far as I can tell).

But it might be different story on your camera, of course.


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