DOF and Cropping take 2

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Re: DOF and Cropping take 2

Mark Ransom wrote:

I think your calculations for motion blur are off. The motion blur is caused by the motion of the camera, which is independent of sensor size - if the sensor is 1.5x smaller then the blur must also be 1.5x smaller to maintain the same visibility across the frame. So if you need 1/400 for FF, you'll also need 1/400 for APS-C and 1/400 for the Q.

Anti-shake technology may mean the 1/FL guideline can be loosened a bit, but again that should be the same for all sensor sizes.

Yeah , your to kind I was talking rubbish of cause camera blur remains constant due to FoV scaling inversely to sensor size.

I was thinking about this and having a play it doesn’t quite work and I can't see why.?

I can hold a 40mm lens easily without IS on a 5.5 crop sensor @1/3 of a second which is ridiculous for 220mm FoV

I can't do the same with 150mm on aps-c

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