It's not a really big deal but I got a Magazine Cover.

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Re: It's not a really big deal but I got a Magazine Cover.

awaldram wrote:

Rubbish ! it is a big thing , you have put a lot of effort into your project you have every right to be excited and proud of the results.

Even better sharing your pleasure is good and I really enjoyed your cover and post.

Let us know how it goes with your later shoots

thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.  It is exciting for sure...and I'm glad you enjoyed me talking about it a bit.  You know how it is, only your photo pals "get it".  At least we can all have some fun with it.

As I get shots I can post that are interesting I'll share...since it's the good folks here who have always been helpful at keeping me playing at this.  And actually a lot of the shots I've shared recently here and on Flickr were shot during my trips to the area.

I was actually at a pretty low point motivation wise for a couple years almost, just did not want to put out the effort to go shoot...and out of nowhere this opportunity showed up and I feel so engaged again it's great.

I've got an interesting shoot on a loose plan with a former Miss Florida USA from the mid-70s to do a very artistic shoot.  I mean here is someone who modeled all over the planet for decades and shot with Guy Bourdin in his famous catalogs and Polaroid shoots, she was a fav of his, and she asked me to shoot her!!  I'm so looking forward to learning from all her experience as I've never done much with live models, well no dead ones either but that is a given I suppose.  But most of all it has been about having fun doing this again.

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