What would more MP mean to you ?

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More MP is really an argument about pixel size. So comparing to A7 or D800e is not relevant as they most likely have the same pixel size as APSc 16mp. A7r with its 36.4mp in APSc crop mode gives you 16mp. So they are running the same resolution.

More MP is fine in my opinion if the noise of the sensor is reduced - both the thermal noise (dark current) and the read noise. For example I have an astronomy CCD camera that has pixels half the size of one of my other cameras  (its a Sony CCD) but its done with less read noise (almost 50% better) and with higher sensitivity (25% more). Its all good there.

Pixel sizes need to be matched to the optics for ideal performance. Too small and you oversample an image. Too large and they are undersampled. Oversampling means less sensitivity so you will have a less bright image. Not usually much of an issue in terrestial imaging as we image bright scenes with plenty of light. But as soon as that small pixel is used in low light it starts to show the noise etc.

Also small pixels can hold less charge before spilling over (called full well capacity). This may mean highlights may blow earlier than a larger pixel would.

16mp is probably close to a sweet spot, certainly its low noise, high IQ and sharp.

But as sensors improve, clever and cleaner supporting electronics that is a good thing. But when camera makers use the higher processor power to do more noise reduction, hot pixel reduction, RAWs aren't lossless RAWs anymore that we are often seeing then we are getting cooked output to try to simulate an efficient sensor with high pixels.

It seems to me the trend is to use processing power to make up for sensor shortfall. Canon definitely has taken that route to extract more life out of its older sensor fab.

The new A6000 will be a case in point here. If that camera does better IQ than Xtrans 16mp and handles low light high ISO then that would be a strong case for more MP from Fuji.

Fuji is going to do it anyway right? Rumours already exist for a 24mp X200. No doubt this same Sony 24mp APSc chip with 179 PDAF pixels.


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