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I had no idea where the "OM-D" name came from when the EM5 was released. I probably wasn't born when people were running around with OMs and Pens.

I guess you missed all of the pre-release hype that referred back to the film cameras

Yep. Hype is useless to me. I pay attention after a product is released and evaluated.

Why do we need E-PL and E-PM if "PEN" is already part of the full name? Or does that P stand for something else...? Olympus PEN Electronic-PEN1?

You need the P so you don't have to use the PEN

I guess they changed this recently, EP5s are all just "Olympus E-P5"
But search up the earlier ones, Amazon, Adorama, etc list them as "Olympus PEN E-P3" etc. Thats where my criticism came from.

But then why do it this way... when the OMD names specify OMD in the name.. Why didnt they just do OM-D 1/5/10 etc.

Same reason PEN was used along w E-Px until the brand was established. And sure Amazon et al will use the full name, just as they'll use Lumix DMC-Gxx

They dropped PEN from the "Olympus PEN E-P5" full name. So you think they'll drop the "OM-D" from "Olympus OM-D E-M5" etc later on? That might help, at least at that point everything is Olympus E-___ like it used to be in 4/3rds days.

EDIT: So if M means mirrorless, are the E-PL, E-PM, E-P lines not mirrorless? If D means Digital, why do we need Electronic? So what happens when a OM-D (or a PEN?) comes out with emphasis on electronic shutters? Is it an OM-D E-EM?

It could also refer to Manitani, which actually makes more sense- P for PEN style M for Manitani (OM) style

So the E-PM has the M because it is a PEN with OM style (...like the OM-D)? Please tell me I'm just misunderstanding you?

Totally lost you. P in the e-Px and M in the e-Mx The M in E-PM is clearly Mini. You are just trying to make this more difficult for yourself.

Okay, so you were clarifying what M in E-M means, not what the M in E-PM means? So the OM-D E-M name is also redundant in that case, isnt it?

I'm sure for people familiar with Olympus it all makes sense, but I stick to Panasonic and have no clue about Olympus's history, so I tend to forget where the hypens go and etc.

The history is here: http://www.olympus-global.com/en/corc/history/camera/medium/

But is it that you don't care to know the history???

No, I dont care. Why should I care? A history lesson shouldn't be necessary for this!

If you don't care, why obsess over how little sense it makes to you?

I dont care about the history. I do care that its annoying to keep track of Olympus camera names.

Lumix = ALL Panasonic Cameras. Its a name, means nothing.

DMC = prefix to ALL (like, literally, all of them) Panasonic camera model #s.

G = ENTIRE mirrorless line. Its a name, means nothing.

H/F/X/M = Variations. Its a name, means nothing. Each followed normal ascending numbers.

Ah, so you admit the whole Panasonic naming system is meaningless?

The name is a name. It has no meaning other than what it refers to.

name - noun - a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

All of Panasonic's line of cameras as a whole is referred to by one name. Similar to how most bloodlines have one last name or "family name."

Every camera is a sequence of the four above. There is no ridiculous mix and matching.

Leaving out Lumix, Panasonic, or DMC- from a search query has no effect. GF1 is still a GF1.

OMD isnt the same as OM-D. EM5 isnt the same as E-M5, neither is just M5.

When I type in 'M5' I get links to a bus schedule and a BMW

Right, thats my point.

Although to be fair, modern search engines are smart enough to figure out wtf you mean when you type in "omd em5." So this isnt really a problem, just... an oddity.

At this point I see I'm wasting my time, since you seem to have no interest in understanding the perfectly logical naming system Olympus uses, instead fixating how little sense it makes to you. It seems to me like it doesn't work for you because you don't want it to, not because it is flawed. Or maybe I'm missing something

A naming convention based on historical references is not logical. Its nostalgic for some, and a marketing ploy for Olympus.

I'm having fun discussing this, since thats what forums are made for. If I'm upsetting you, or if you dont like this discussion, then yes you should stop wasting your own time.

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