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Re: Put the raw file up with a link? (n/t)

Ok, a quick treatment is at

Notes, not necessarily in order of application:
exposure way down to avoid most clipping
Film Extra Shadow
adjust temp and tint
slight boost to contrast and saturation
raise shadows of RGB curve
sharpen at radius 0.3

I stay away from Clarity and Punch. These are mystery adjustments. Exposure, contrast, and saturation are standard concepts performed by standard alterations of curves in a color space.

I am, like the OP, a Capture One novice on a 60-day trial. It is best not to work with the RGB curve, but I did not find HSV, HSL, nor LAB curves. HSV and HSL are available in Picture Window Pro; LAB in Raw Therapee.

I tried to keep green out of the sky. Therefore, the shadows including the birds have too much magenta. They need more green. The white balance of highlights and shadows often need to be different.

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