On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

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Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Its worth listing the points but your comparisons are way off.

Firstly the huge EVF on the XT1 will totally outclass both A6000 and EM1 by a large margin. Its in no conceivable way a draw. Same with LCD I believe the Fuji one is larger? (not 100 sure there).

XT1 has superior manual focus aids now plus has a view that is adustable to different sizes and rotates when you hold the camera in portrait mode. Specifically XT1 has a picture in a picture mode that you can assign to split image or focus peaking in a magnified view. This is a step up from even the Sony focus peaking which is good but does not necessarily get you exact focus just very close.

AF performance is to be proven on XT1 and A6000 but it would seem A6000 is the leader there but XT1 is close and in real life it maybe much the same. EM1 does not have predictive tracking AF as far as I know.

IQ - Fuji Xtrans and colour are legendary and there is no AA filter. So whether A6000 with the 24mp sensor is better or the same or worse is not clear.

As far as XTrans and RAW that is old news and was long since corrected with many RAW converters doing a very good job now. You won't get any agreement from Fuji shooters that Nex 7 gives better IQ than XTrans 16mp. I doubt it. Nex 7 colour is a bit weak even if high rez and then there was the issue of magenta cast which we don't know if the A6000 has inherited.

High ISO. There is no way A6000 or EM10 will match the XT1. That is a long bow. Nex 7 was waaayyy worse than XE1 for high ISO noise. I expect it to be better with this but mostly it would seem from better light throughput in the colour filter array (a minor breakthrough by itself) and noise reduction from the processor (I prefer no noise reduction).

Ergonomics - Here the XT1 leaps ahead - its going to be very comfortable to use, great external dials that most like, a great form. Most comments have been very positive to its look. A6000 is same as Nex 6 which is not bad but not beautiful. Oly looks better and is 2nd best there.

XT1 also takes these super fast SD cards which will speed up everthing.

Lenses: Apart from the FE lenses the Fuji lens collection is pretty much 2nd to none and are very impressive and most are not that expensive either.

But A6000 as you say is half the price of XT1 so that is amazing that the Sony offers so much for such a low price which will attract a lot of people. It seems at this stage to represent a lot of bang for your buck but Fuji XT1 is also weather sealed (important to some) and would be the more refined upper class camera that is quite mature and does everything well. The main selling points seem to be the huge beauitful EVF, the external knobs and controls rather than electronic menus only and the tracking AF, FPS and the lens collection with the famous Fuji colours and IQ. A6000 selling points would be the fast fps, fast AF, good video,24mp res and a very low price.

I can see A6000 taking a lot of sales away from Canikon lower models. It would seem Canikon models offer nothing the A6000 can't do just as well if not a lot better and for less money and less size and weight.


Thanks Greg. You did not notice that I am not the author of that message. I was just skimming around the forums and came across it.

Good points you made. Some prefer the A6000 style to the Fuji or the OMD.


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