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Re: Tonkotsu Ramen: Re: Am I getting one?

particleman78 wrote:

I own a Fuji as well, but I think there is room in a bag for both a Fuji and a G1X Mark II. A lens of this aperture and and focal range would be massive on an x-mount camera. My plan is to keep the Fuji in the bag with a prime like the 23mm 1.4 but also have a G1X Mark II when you need zoom and convenience. No need to swap lenses and the G1X Mark II doesn't even have an annoying lens cap to fiddle around with like the Mark I. The lens on the G1X Mark II is so versatile, it goes wide, it is fast, it has decent reach and it even does macro 5cm close. You would need to carry a bag full of lenses to cover the range of shooting scenarios the G1X mark II covers.

Carlos C wrote:

afm wrote:

I was also influenced by Marco Nero's input to get the G1X and I am extremely happy with it. For me the only downside is its slow operation. The Mark 2 seems to have its pluses and minuses as Marco said, but with faster operation and better lens it may suit me fine. I need a travel camera with best IQ but must say I am seriously looking at the Fujifilm X-E2 as my G1X replacement.

I really liked my G1X and made the jump after seeing Marco's beautiful pictures. I used it for over a year with really good results. Then, I had the opportunity to get the opportunity to get the Fuji X-E1 with kit lens as a retirement present, wow, what a camera after the latest firmware update. Have nothing but good things to say about the Canon G1X, but prefer the Fuji. I think Canon has very stiff competition with the Fuji products. Their lenses (just got their 23mm 1.4) is at least L quality. Amazing optics, as close to Leica as you can get.

looking forward to see the tech reviews of the new G1X mark II


I understand your point. I do miss the smaller form factor of the G1X, had it with me at all times. I also agree the IQ of the G1X is quite good, so is the lens and its range. Could not keep both as I have several dslr's already. I decided to go the Fuji route as since I am now retired I can carry a bigger small factor camera a lot easier than when I had to fit it into my briefcase. It is all about what you are willing and able to carry. Both are very nice cameras.

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