Likely Leaving... but where to

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Likely Leaving... but where to

Thanks ta bunch of "disadvantaged"  thinking they can just help themselves to your stuff, i find myself in a situation free of camera, lenses, and flash.

Since I am now system free, I am curious knowing what you know, why would you not pick Nikon DX. I have been a Nikon DX user for 3 years and have wasted plenty of time getting familiar with all sorts of minutia about cameras and lenses. Now that I am looking for a new camera I find myself paralyzed by the knowledge I have, I understand the Nikon product line up. The D610 sensor blows away everything near its price point *on paper*. Yet I can't help but feel angry at Nikon, they make a whole bunch of good cameras, but not one excellent one. All cameras for some reason are just gimped enough for one not to be able to do everything it should, from CLS commander, to weather proofing, to AF system, to fps rates, to whatever... it seems like the feature placement in the line up is musical chairs played by a bunch of deaf kids that rolled off the short bus. And then there is the output, is it normal to have to PP *EVERY* photo? the Nikon sensors are great for DR and ISO sensitivity, but without PP, quite frankly iPones do a better job.

So, with that rant over. I am considering the following:

Canon FF system (6D - retared AF system) for better video, and what appears to be a better more affordable L lens line up. Looking at them on paper, they are behind sensor wise, but every single photo I see from Canon seems to get it right, WB, focus, color, etc....

Nikon FF - D610, simply because for the price you can't argue, that and I have invested so much time learning Nikon's crap, BUT I hate the idea of having to PP every photo. I like taking occasional videos (yes I know you soem of you want your stone aged DF in FF and DX format and don't think technology moves forward, but I do take videos with my DSLR, I would like it to be more functional)

Fuji XT1 - sticking to crop, they seem to get it right, they have a good lens line up. Not at all sure about the video capabilities or the flash system however

D7100 is out of the question

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