New WX350 max ISO 12,800 versus 3200 for prior WX300

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notime wrote:

My HX30 with a 18 mp sensor has the ISO range "up to" 12,800. Its real ISO range is up to ISO 3200, and everything above that is a multi-frame noise reduction equivalent that requires "processing" after a shot (no burst modes)
It will be interesting to see if the Bionz X results in a noticeable high ISO improvement.

I agree, and my HX20 does the same thing. I am not especially optimistic though, given the need for a really stationary subject and a steady grip on the camera to achieve any payoff in multiple image combining, this method has seldom really worked well for me in practice.

I also know how difficult my a77 and Nex-7 struggle with their much bigger sensors to get any type of usable images even at ISO 6400, and I have to doubt much will be gained here by pushing the ISO up by 2 stops, from 3200 to 12,800 in this new WX350 model.

Funny that no real claims are being made in this area by Sony despite the drastic change in specs.


The new WX350 and prior WX300 have exactly the same ISO limit of 12,800 and both use the same multi-image combining / integration "Superior" technique.

The confusion arose because DPReview's product description incorrectly states that the prior WX300 was limited to ISO 3200. See the error at:

A few minutes using my WX300 easily revealed the ability to crank the ISO up to 12,800. (Not a pretty thing to see.....)


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