Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Auto ISO is so convenient!

nixda wrote:

I was wondering if anyone here is using predominantly or even exclusively base-ISO.

I am asking, because ETTR is a popular approach, but it's useful at base-ISO only. Also, with many modern sensors, there is the notion that digital amplification to adjust image brightness is a valid approach over using in-camera analog/digital amplification schemes. Base-ISO, of course, has the advantage that noise is lowest and dynamic range is highest. The SilkyPix developers allude to all that and encourage using the approach.

I have personally not yet done a thorough test to see how far the base-ISO-only approach can be taken with my X-E1, so I am curious about other peoples' experiences. I have used my X-E1 at base-ISO for a few days right when I got it, and I wasn't too thrilled about noise in the shadow areas, but these were quite tricky landscape scenes, so I wonder if I encountered a technical limitation of the sensor, or if using base-ISO isn't so appropriate after all.

It is just so much more convenient for me to use Auto ISO most of the time.  Ideally, I would only shoot at base ISO, and try to do so whenever possible.  However, I find that the light conditions just do not allow me to do so, and the sensors have gotten that good, that one can get excellent results at higher ISO's.  Strangely, in the film days, my favorite film was an Ilford ISO 50.  It worked well, and somehow I managed to get some great shots.

A lot also depends on what kind of photos one takes.  A tripod certainly makes shooting at base ISO easier than shooting handheld in a dimly lit room.  The one instance where I exclusively shoot at base ISO is when I shoot Macros with a flash.



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