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Re: Yes, it is a good model...

Iliah Borg wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Sigma marketing clearly shows them as B/G/R

And that makes it a good model? Since when marketing tools are good models?

less resolution

No. Less pixel count.

chromatically less resolution spatially.

Prove it?

What is there to prove. You have 1/4th the resolution in two layers whose main job as it is emerging is be more sensitive to color. What exactly is missing from that- that seems pretty obvious to me. But you can also check what Dick said himself:

"The pooling of 4 into 1 is done most efficiently in the domain of collected photo-electrons, before converting to a voltage in the readout transistor. The result is the same read noise, but four times as much signal, so about a 4X better signal-to-noise ratio. Plus with fewer plugs, transistors, wires, etc. to service the lower levels, the pixel fill factor is closer to 100% with easier microlenses, and the readout rate doesn't have to be as high. Wins all around -- except for the chroma resolution."

I am not sure what's there to "prove"- it's a statement of fact.  If a sensor has 1/4th resolution in two big wavelength ranges of photo detectors it necessarily means that vs one that did not have that it would do worse- barring other real world issues that the other design had (which it does have, I am not denying that).

I also said I do expect this Foveon to do better overall than the previous.

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