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Not quite

Truman Prevatt wrote:

DickLyon wrote:

So, it's complicated. Yes, reduced chroma resolution is a compromise; but a very good one, well matched to human perception -- not at all like the aliasing-versus-resolution compromise that the mosaic-with-AA-filter approach has to face.


disclaimer: I've been away from this technology too long to have any inside knowledge. And give my apologies to Laurence for my too many words.

At the end of the day the reason we test weapons is so we will know how they really work when it counts instead of how the work in computer models. The same is true with image sensors which have to make trades where sub- alias sampling is going one be it Bayer or the new Sigma design. There will be artifacts from aliasing from the lower level detectors. The question is how will it show up and under what conditions will it be noticeable? Hopefully we will find out soon.

It will most likely be that it will solve more problems than it creates but with all trade offs there will be downsides. Also I suspect the "purist" of the Foveon religion won't be too happy with it.

Not quite. When you test weapons, you blow things up to see how well they blow up. With cameras of the digital ilk, you can just keep shooting away until you get the consistency you designed it to do. Of course, during the test phase, some things go wrong. There is a famous in-house story about the SD14 and this. But sometimes things go more than right, as Dick related with this imager.

I am pretty sure that I will not be your Eeyore in the Foveon purist camp nor will many others. This is the imager Merrill talked about before his death. There were even some images on pbase in around 2005 taken with a cellphone prototype imager using this technology and they were pretty dämn good. The concept works. That cellphone imager came within a hair of major success. Less than a penny away from a fortune you might say.

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