Olympus faux-technical sounding names

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Re: Olympus faux-technical sounding names

Art_P wrote:

Nippero wrote:

I had no idea where the "OM-D" name came from when the EM5 was released. I probably wasn't born when people were running around with OMs and Pens.

I guess you missed all of the pre-release hype that referred back to the film cameras

Yep. Hype is useless to me. I pay attention after a product is released and evaluated.

Why do we need E-PL and E-PM if "PEN" is already part of the full name? Or does that P stand for something else...? Olympus PEN Electronic-PEN1?

You need the P so you don't have to use the PEN

I guess they changed this recently, EP5s are all just "Olympus E-P5"
But search up the earlier ones, Amazon, Adorama, etc list them as "Olympus PEN E-P3" etc. Thats where my criticism came from.

But then why do it this way... when the OMD names specify OMD in the name.. Why didnt they just do OM-D 1/5/10 etc.

EDIT: So if M means mirrorless, are the E-PL, E-PM, E-P lines not mirrorless? If D means Digital, why do we need Electronic? So what happens when a OM-D (or a PEN?) comes out with emphasis on electronic shutters? Is it an OM-D E-EM?

It could also refer to Manitani, which actually makes more sense- P for PEN style M for Manitani (OM) style

So the E-PM has the M because it is a PEN with OM style (...like the OM-D)? Please tell me I'm just misunderstanding you?

I'm sure for people familiar with Olympus it all makes sense, but I stick to Panasonic and have no clue about Olympus's history, so I tend to forget where the hypens go and etc.

The history is here: http://www.olympus-global.com/en/corc/history/camera/medium/

But is it that you don't care to know the history???

No, I dont care. Why should I care? A history lesson shouldn't be necessary for this!

Oh, getting back to Panasonic, can you tell me what the H stands for? I know it's the more video oriented, so why not a V?

the X? Extreme? Is it shock proof and water proof?

M I get, mini.

What about the F?

Oh, and while you're adding the DMC, don't forget the Lumix...

Lumix = ALL Panasonic Cameras. Its a name, means nothing.

DMC = prefix to ALL (like, literally, all of them) Panasonic camera model #s.

G = ENTIRE mirrorless line. Its a name, means nothing.

H/F/X/M = Variations. Its a name, means nothing. Each followed normal ascending numbers.

Every camera is a sequence of the four above. There is no ridiculous mix and matching.

Leaving out Lumix, Panasonic, or DMC- from a search query has no effect. GF1 is still a GF1.

OMD isnt the same as OM-D. EM5 isnt the same as E-M5, neither is just M5.

Although to be fair, modern search engines are smart enough to figure out wtf you mean when you type in "omd em5." So this isnt really a problem, just... an oddity.

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