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Re: Laurence says snarky stuff

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

It is worth repeating: "a compromise, but a very good one, well matched to human perception"

So did you read what Vlennie said that Raist3d was replying to?

"Even if the green and blue were just one big pixel below the millions of blue pixels it's Foveon resolves the colour perfectly for each pixel. No Bayer guesswork there!"

but he is really emphasizing that It is indeed highly accurate and hardly something someone with human perception will detect.

Somehow I doubt Dick used the word "perfectly" -- which was Raist3d's point.

Here's what Dick called it:

"So, it's complicated. Yes, reduced chroma resolution is a compromise; but a very good one, well matched to human perception"

Here's what I said in many of the cases:

right in the OP:

"The human eye is more sensitive to detail rather than color. There were/are techniques for video games development for texture compression that take advantage of this fact, so in this case having even more data plus clever interpolation may very well end up giving a nice resolution but less jaggies. It's interesting."

"It should be better even with its own set of new quirks. The current Merrill gets noisy very fast, and this sensor should do notably better in that department. Hopefully the magenta/green splotches also go away in a lower range of ISO's at least.

B&W should be really good.

Also we have the low-raw option in which we get full on 3x capture. IT has to be better, otherwise Sigma wouldn't have bothered."

I said more on this on several posts.

I understand your need to stay out front on this technology that you rarely use. But try to follow and learn from those (in this case Richard F. Lyon; look him up), who truly do know more about it than you do, believe it or not, and spend less time trying to co-opt what he and others did.

Try to read what people write before you snark. If you did, you would realize that you agree on this particular point.

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