What would more MP mean to you ?

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Re: More Flexibility...

While I agree a large sensor is great for shots where you need crop there are already plenty of systems by Nikon and Canon that do this well. I think Fuji should play to its strength. They should keep the cameras small but well made, keep improving the evf and response time. A 24 mp apcs sensor would be next logical step. The lens are already great and very affordable. A full frame would require totally new lenses. The 24 mp apcs would increase crop factor. Fuji should invest in high quality portable flash system for the x=trans series. Fuji should perfect its niche. Lets not forget why most of us users came to Fuji and not make this a bloated elephant. I still keep my Nikon for sports and action but there is no reason with a better flash and the continuing improvement of evf why the Fuji could not become a premier wedding and event system.

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