Former Canon user moving to a77, question about lenses.

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Re: Used Sigma Lenses

CTR1 wrote:

Yeah, I found a list of Sigma lenses that may have problems focusing with the a77. Thanks again for the info.

Sony changed the rom whatever after the a55/a35 had sigma issues...Many sigma lenses that hadn't  worked on an a100 a55 a33 a580 a37 now will on the a57/a65/a77.

I think because many were questioning staying with sony after having 'issues' the last time when the slt was introduced scared sony enough to do something about it across the board so to speak.

i have a couple sigma 75-200 2.8/3.5's that wouldn't focus or stop down but used one anyway(great lens)on my a55. It wouldn't work on any till the a57-now they all work not just some that were rechipped with the new slt's.  A good way to find out is to read reviews at dyxum fro owners of the lenses -see what they shoot with, because many previously non focussing lenses from sigma will now function perfectly on new slt's.

Here are a few with a non reporting sigma 75-200 2.8/3.5 wide open manual focus on an a55

Below same lens but with my a65...Nikon/canon/minolta all made lenses from sigma wasn't reverse engineering,it was saving face and selling lenses.  When a sigma 75-200 zoom wide open matches or outshines nikon/minolta/canons best at 100mm 2.8 has amazing bokeh  at a substanially lower price?  Well the manufacturers came up with a solution-'Let's make them incompatable'. *For minolta they were a huge 70-210f4 threat in sales.

Not many sigma lenseshad issues, it was generally the better performers from  'back in the day'.

Hope this somewhat clears/answers a bit-Thank you-brian

with a65...same exact lens

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