What would more MP mean to you ?

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Beat Traveller wrote:

Two things. Firstly, the highest 'retina display' specs only equate to about 5mp of resolution. You don't get any benefit from going to 16mp over 24mp on one of those screens, because you'll be zoomed in anyway.

Megapixels don't directly relate to resolution. You can't really say '5mp of resolution'. Resolution is specified by DPI. So, for example, if I want to print 20x30" at 360 DPI, I will need 78 MP, but it doesn't matter if they are contained in a 1", an APS-C, or an FF sensor.

Yes, you will be able to print a larger size at base ISO, but at a lower ISO the signal to noise ratio will be visibly poorer - at least until they improve the technology in the sensors.

That leads me to the other point, which is that simply downsizing the resolution in-camera won't change the actual size of the pixels for the purpose of light-gathering, which has the major effect on signal to noise ratio. So there are genuine downsides to more megapixels given the present technological limitations.

I think that notion was valid until a few years ago. With modern sensors, light-gathering ability and noise characteristics are mostly a function of sensor size and not pixel density (unless one gets to really ridiculous densities).

Excuse my poor confusion of terminology. What I meant to say was that the DPI of the 'retina' displays doesn't give you much more benefit in normal viewing than an image that is about 5mp. It only benefits you if you zoom in, and what's the advantage then?

It is true that as the technology gets better, the pixel density plays less of a factor, but we're not quite there yet - as can be seen by the reception of the NEX 7 vs the NEX 6.

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