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Re: AFIK the 2.4 Mpx VF in N6 was also OLED, the same...

jpr2 wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

Fredy Ross wrote:

inferior LCD and Viewfinder is a big minus

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EVF might not be inferior as Imaging Resource claim better experience

comparing the two side-by-side (NEX-6 vs A6000), the A6000's EVF is the clear winner as it produces much more accurate colors and easy to discern details

The poor DPReview preview of this camera (not sure if they actually looked through the EVF) is just confusing the matter in the N7-classic, so HOW the tidbits that it was not materialized here??


AFAIK the "OLED" vievfinder used in NEX 7 and 6 was an LCD with (white) OLED backlight behind it. Therefore it was still light through (slow moving) liquid crystals. I don't know about the EVF used in the A7/R and the new one... If they are 'real' OLED displays with RGB OLED pixels and without slowish LCD.

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