Nikon D600, D610 : the enthusiasm gap

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Richard Murdey
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Re: Nikon D600 First Impressions

T O Shooter wrote:

yray wrote:

Richard Murdey wrote:

D200 + 35/2 ZF

D600 + 50/1.4 ZF (sorry, full size wouldn't upload to the galleries, so this is downscaled to 10 MP)

This might be an unwarranted generalization based on these two shots only, but D200 seems to have livelier color and better contrast.

My brother shot D200 for years before moving to D600 a year ago. You learn to work within the parimeters of what you have, such as keeping ISO down on D200. D600 gives him much more flexibility, but I prefer his D200 shots.

Now that it's been pointed out to me, I agree that the D200 in this comparison has slightly nicer color and higher contrast. Who knows, maybe the lighting changed slightly. On the other hand I never felt dissatisfied with the low ISO D200 output. I will have to do a more controlled test to try and put this to rest once and for all.

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