What would more MP mean to you ?

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More Flexibility...

I have an X-E1 and have enjoyed using it, but it would be useful to me to have
a camera like the X-T1 with more megapixels.  The X-E1 is not my only camera.
I also have a Canon 5D MkII (22 MP) and a Nikon D800 (36 MP) which I use
to photograph bike races.  One of the challenges I face when shooting these
races is that at the time I am taking the pictures, I do not know who amoung
the many riders packed into the fast moving pelotons that I will want pictures
of, either print or screen, after the race.

To illustrate, below is a screen capture of a Photoshop window containing a
36 MP image from my D800.  Note the cropping marks which are centered
on a rider in the peloton that has requested a picture of himself.  The 2nd
image below is the cropped portion of the 1st image.  The crop is 1200 x 1500
pixels. Large enough to fill a screen or make a 4x5 print at 300 DPI.

Having the ability to get crops of individual rider that are of a useful size for displaying
and/or printing is very important in the type of photography I do.  Your rather quick
dismissal of the value of cropping was rather narrowly focused in that it did not take
into account that there are quite a few situations where that capability is important.

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