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Re: Sensor size cropping & DR

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

moving_comfort wrote:

awaldram wrote:

So your now agreeing a crop from a larger is identical to the the smaller sensor - hallelujah.

and I see your also changing your mind

He in fact has changed his mind about nothing, either here or in the earlier thread. Neither have I, nor James, nor anyone who understands this stuff. We've been exactly consistent. What seems to be happening is you yourself have moments of clarity in which you understand what's being written or demonstrated and answer accordingly to some post, and then lose it the next. Too bad you can't be consistent with that clarity.

Total light gathering is irrelevant , per pixel light gathering determines noise.

No - total light gathering over the sensor area determines image noise.

The d800 with the same pixel density as 16 mp aps-c sensor unsurprisingly has the same noise and dnr.

It absolutely does not, at the image level. If what you were saying had any bearing on reality, a P&S made from the same sensor wafer as the K5 could be said to have "the same noise and dnr as the K-5", which it of course would not. Sensor area determines amount of total light captured which ultimately determines noise and contributes directly to DR.


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hey MC

As you can see from the chart that the D800 take a hit to it DR when used in DX crop any guess as to why

Also if you look at the graph you would also see that the D800 has 10.58PDR at iso 200 when compared to itself shooting in DX at 100 it has 10.58PDR I wonder how this happens ?

I cannot figure it out, they must put a DR limiter in the with the raw data as to cut it DR in DX,D800(DX),D800

Actually there's no 'DR Limiter', it's just that measure of PDR shows what's really happening to DR when you crop FF and magnify to the same display size (which is part of Bill Claff's procedure there IIRC.) It tracks pretty well with what DxOMark shows as well. Note that's the image DR, it's not really a measure of sensor QE or what I think DxOmark calls 'screen DR'. Note also that even cropped, it's a bit better than D7000 native


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Here are a few of my favorite things...

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