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Mellowmark wrote:

brownei wrote:

I get cranky when we are never told the outcome of a question thread, so a quick update

Not sure the G6 will be the baby for me simply because I would like to be able to do long exposure photos over the 60 sec the G6 (+ lumix 200) have as max. Bit of a bugga really.

So come on Mr Lumix; add a bulb setting to the G6

The G6 does have a bulb setting - it's a bit limited as maximum is two minutes, but it is there.

If you want longer then you have to go to the GH3 or Olympus OMD, where you can do half an hour or more on bulb.

thanks for that info Mellowmark. Bit disappointing; I guess the target market for these camera wouldn't use more than two second exposure let alone two minutes, or 30 minutes. Bulb settings will come imo as more turn away from the dslr. Please note Mr Panasonic 

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Cheers IanB
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