DOF and Cropping take 2

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Re: DOF and Cropping take 2

Gary Martin wrote:

moving_comfort wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:

This is just another, thinly-disguised full-frame vs. APS-C debate, amirite?

Not really, it's about equivalence, which describes a relationship between any two formats. It does happen to have more relevance to two different formats that may share he same mount, though, like aps-c & FF, because then it all of a sudden becomes less academic.

Incidentally it can also be used to show how aps-c can be a better choice than FF in some cases, if you want to use it to apply to practical examples; you find out what lenses can do what on each format, and then price out each in size and weight. aps-c 'wins' some of those battles, if you want to think of it in those terms. But you wouldn't know that if you didn't use equivalence

(The thread is also about cropping and DOF and display sizes, which is related but not the same subject really.)

And "Equivalence" is its new catch-phrase.

Only "new" to many in this particular forum. But if we see an FF body, it will be good to understand for any K-mount shooter who might want to use his/her lenses on both formats.

Here's one of the first outlines, very well done and originally from 2006 I think. Of course it directly contradicts a few of the things awaldram is saying, so he's going to pretend it's crackpottish.

So yes, this is indeed a not-so-thinly disguised continuation of the FF vs. APS-C debate, just as I said. You are right in that "Equivalence" will be useful (necessary, actually) if people are moving lenses back and forth between FF and APS-C bodies, or preparing to do so. Which is exactly why it's a tool in the FF vs. APS-C debate. But if you've adjusted to the APS-C format and plan on sticking with it (at least for a while), "Equivalence" is irrelevant.

It's true that it may be practically irrelevant to you if you never intend to shoot another format, but almost everyone in this forum who plans to buy a FF camera will benefit from it.

In my opinion, it's just good to know in general.  It lets you understand one aspect of your hobby more, the underpinnings of it.  It also allows you to judge someone's grasp of things when they say something silly like "200mm f/2.8 aps-c == 300mm f/2.8 FF!  Because I say so!"  


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