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quezra wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

On the face of it the a6k seems to be the answer to the NEX6/7 mob's prayers and it possibly is and at a buyable price.

Super fast AF, 24mp aps-c sensor, custom mode (s?), an arguably more sensible button layout, and two dedicated Function keys.

But for those that like to do MF and especially those who are quite fond of electronic adapters and focal reducers in general then maybe not so much chop.

The PDAF on the NEX6 not only does not work with legacy MF lenses but also (as far as I know) not all Sony oem E mount lenses. Unless by some miracle the PDAF does provide feedback to (say) Canon EF lenses on an electronic adapter then there is no advantage in the a6k over the NEX6 apart from a higher populared sensor which could be had by a presumably now discounted NEX7 on the regular market.

But the big problem for the MF and even electronic adapter folk is the lower resolution, smaller size, evf. How many MF users overcome the not particularly brilliant staying power of the Sony Focus Peaking Assist in full magnified mode rely on the NEX6 very high resolution evf to pull them through?

It is almost as if Sony has crippled the MF capability of the a6k in order to promote their oem lenses that, if suitable, can provide blazing PDAF speed.

One of the most brilliant attributes of the NEX6 was its extremely nice evf - now alas no more.

Do we have to wait for the star attraction - the a7k - to get the return of the better evf?

Meanwhile I cannot see much advantage for those that use the NEX6 for Canon EF lenses or MF lenses in general.

It seems that digital cameras are coming to the end of their "features run" if manufacturers feel it possible to introduce new features and mix and match by downgrading others.

This is the bizarrest complaint yet. If you're primarily an adapted lens user, then you won't have felt any camera since the NEX-5N/7 to be compelling, aside from the A7 for its removal of crop factor. On the other hand, if you're looking for a new body, the best thing about the A6000 coming out is the inevitable price cuts on these old bodies that are just as good with your adapted lenses as before.

If you thought I was complaining then I thought that I was obviously not doing this.  I am actually quite pleased and uncritical that my NEX6 will be the best for my type of "business" from Sony for a while longer.

I can only see disadvantages for the MF lens user in the a6k apart from a higher populated sensor which I think I can manage without.

I guess I am truly bored in a bizarre fashion if that wording suits better. But I will resist labelling what I said as a complaint, more as a comment, Sony can make and sell whatever they think their market will appreciate.   That they choose to reduce the very capable evf in the NEX6 with something of lesser mp content is indeed bizarre if thee a6k is indeed meant to be a NEX6 replacement.

That the lower resolution evf seems to have a higher refresh rate and is better for video seems to be a prediction of Sony's market research for less-critical video capture rather than something exciting for someone more interested in MF and retaining pixel definition at high magnification levels.  I have only praise for the existing 2,360k evf on the NEX6.

Consider also that the NEX6 already sports PDAF for many Sony oem lenses and arguably any NEX6 users must only really consider a trade-up if they need that extra blast of speed for PDAF and maybe video without headphones.

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