What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

Rohith Thumati wrote:

Canon's not claiming world fastest like everyone else for a reason, I think.

Well, that's not encouraging.

Second question is: will the lens deliver? It looks so good on paper. Unbelievable specs for such a small size. Of course it only has 12MP to resolve.

Yeah, this camera really is all about the lens, isn't it.

It seems to me it is. But if they'll drop the ball on something else really bad, that lens won't save 'em.

I don't expect it to be any different than the sensor in the original G1X. Hopefully the new DIGIC processor can pull a little more out of the sensor at all ISO's. One of the videos that Canon posted last night (I think the Canon Australia one) said that ISO 1600 on the Mark II should be as good as ISO 400 on the Mark I. That'd be great, if true.

That's just more NR, hope it will be not built-in RAW NR that one can't turn off. What about DR and colors? Though we'll find out soon on DXO

Canon optical IS is pretty good, isn't it?

It is, but 5-axis IBIS is superior in some regards, e.g. camera roll correction. OIS just can't do it by design.

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