What would more MP mean to you ?

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Having used cameras that have 24+MP I do know that technique is more important to get pixel level sharp pictures ( read DPRs review of the D800/8000E if you don't want to just take my word for it )

Just to address this point, in the spirit of exchanging information, isn't the pixel density of Fujifilm's 16Mp sensor essentially the same as the D800? If so, shouldn't those of us with less-than-perfect technique be experiencing terrible problems?

I'm genuinely curious.

I managed to find article by Thom Hogan( the Nikon blogger). His conclusion is that D800 needs better technique than 16mp D7000:

"A D7000 isn't exactly a D800. Some people think that the pixel density is the primary factor requiring tight discipline and because those cameras are the same, shot discipline needs to be the same. Consider this: a 16mm lens on D7000 puts ~5000 pixels across 74 degrees, while a 24mm lens on a D800 puts ~7000 pixels across the same angle. Put another way, 1° of motion is 68 pixels on the D7000, 94 pixels on the D800. 1° on a D2h was just 33 pixels and 41 pixels on a D70, You've got to handle a D800 cleaner than a D7000 folks. At least if you're going to pixel peep to see how good the results are."

Thanks for digging that out. I confess to still being puzzled. I haven't used a D800, so forgive my ignorance, but intuitively it seems that 1° of motion/blur looks the same on any image. If any pixel moves by 1°, it will be blurred by that amount surely, regardless of how many other pixels there are on the sensor or how closely packed together they are?

What am I missing?

And, if this effect is true, why don't people also complain about the increased resolution from Leica lenses?

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