What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

Alien from Mars wrote:

The main question is: How fast the AF will be? Will it be fast, comparable to latest crop of m43 cameras? Or will it be like G1X-1? Or EOS-excuse me-M? Does it have touch-to-focus? Also what about general operational speed of the camera? G1X-1 was quite a turtle in this regard.

The original G1X focuses about as fast as the E-P1 with the kit lens, at least on single AF. A ~50% improvement on the Mark II won't put it in the same class as the E-M5. It might put it in Fuji X100S-class, but that'll be as good as I think we can hope for. Canon's not claiming world fastest like everyone else for a reason, I think.

It does have touch AF, according to the spec sheet. I can't tell whether it has touch shutter, like the E-M5 has, though.

Second question is: will the lens deliver? It looks so good on paper. Unbelievable specs for such a small size. Of course it only has 12MP to resolve.

Yeah, this camera really is all about the lens, isn't it.

That moves us to a next question - how good the sensor will be? A larger pixel theoretically could be good for lower noise. But if this sensor is anything like other 'modern' Canon sensors it will lag behind latest m43 sensors at least for low ISOs.

I don't expect it to be any different than the sensor in the original G1X. Hopefully the new DIGIC processor can pull a little more out of the sensor at all ISO's. One of the videos that Canon posted last night (I think the Canon Australia one) said that ISO 1600 on the Mark II should be as good as ISO 400 on the Mark I. That'd be great, if true.

If Canon put everything right this camera will rock for sure. I would like to see it shine

Me too. Hopefully we'll get hands on impressions/reviews before it ships so I can reconsider my preorder.

Still some will prefer m43 for various reasons. Like built-in VF, better video specs (Panny) , Oly 5-axis IBIS, interchangeability of the lenses...

Canon optical IS is pretty good, isn't it? I'm not getting rid of my E-M5 if I get this camera; if it fulfills the promise, they should complement each other well.

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